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Call 1

We are currently looking for a major bike manufacturer to join us on a three-step journey towards more circularity. The first implementation step would be for the 2025 season. Who would like to be the first and call themselves a pioneer?

Call 2

We call on everyone who is currently looking at the topic of sustainability in the industry from a wide variety of perspectives to cooperate. Due to the stations of failure that can be read in my CV, which were an indispensable condition for our concept, not everyone likes us. It's not necessary either, but the planet needs us in unity. The near future will show further stages of failure for a wide variety of companies, some of which are in the press right now. Only by daring can we change the world for the better.

Call 3

We are looking for interested shops and manufacturers who will work with us to buy sustainably oriented bottom brackets from Thun. The specification is BSA / 114K / square shaft. The bottom bracket shaft is made from recycled steel and is manufactured using water power, the bearings are extremely durable and excellently sealed. More information on request.

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Donate material

Do you have a basement full of bicycle parts and do not know what to do with them? You have no use for a lathe, an assembly stand, a cordless screwdriver or other tools? Ask us if we could put it to good use.

Pre-order your bike

Order and pay now, ride at a later time of your choice.

Develop bicycle parts

Are you a commercial developer or manufacturer and have the expertise and desire to develop sustainable bicycle parts? Talk to us.

Start a cooperation

Do you like us and have an idea for a cooperation with us? Talk to us, because the same mindset is more important here than knowledge of the bicycle industry.

Invest money

​You find our work meaningful and would like to support it financially? Talk to us.


Bring in your ideas

​There are always several ways to reach a goal. If you have ideas for crazy organic parts, have a sketch for a detailed solution or are wondering why we do not actually use product X or material Y, write to us.

Become a dealer

We do not really know what the future will bring. Maybe everything will be available online only. But maybe it's multichannel. It is up to us to shape the future. If you want to try a dealership, talk to us.

Start a project

Whatever you can imagine, maybe your project idea is the key to the future. Or at least an important lesson along the way. Talk to us

Order a fleet

We can build more than single bicycles. Ask for an offer for your sustainable company or rental bike fleet. We are happy to discuss individual labels and special colors.

Please notice: We expressly encourage you to take part. We do this because we believe that together we can achieve much more. However, this does not mean that we ask you to copy our concept. The thinking in people's heads has to change, we do not need a new wave of uniform goods that are primarily intended to save the world. We can only progress with our own personal change and fresh ideas! Our way is just one of many possible ones and we have protected it with six utility models. We are curious to see how other minds develop other ideas. This leads to the diversity that we find in our role model, nature.