German Design Award Winner 2024. First bike ever in the Avocado Store. Circular and based on the UN SDGs.


UpCycling frame made of steel, soldered or welded, pimped with disc mounts.


Linseed oil paint, varnished by hand in three layers. It is organic, durable and has been used for 800 years.


High-tech bio rim made of beech wood and a composite reinforcement made of volcanic basalt.


Durable endurance bearings turn in the noble Tune hub from the Black Forest.


You can convert the Norwegian tires from ReTyre from slick to gravel to studded tires with a zip.

Bottom bracket

Bottom bracket spindle made from recycled steel using hydropower. Super durable bearings.


Chain and chain ring made of stainless steel. Sprockets not too many and individually replaceable.

Shifting system

A wide spread 8-speed derailleur with classic thumb shifter.


Shimano disc (preferably upcycled) with vegetable oil filling.


Steel. Ultra-tough, refurbishable and recyclable.

Bar tape

A layer of recycled tubing and a layer of ecological snappapp. Dismountable, flexible to wrap, machine washable.


Greentech from Selle Italia.


The almost inconspicuous component with the red dot is the digital product passport, your SAYA's life book, so to speak.  

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