Change of perspective

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​We are used to seeing things from a certain perspective.

Our  brain  would be overwhelmed if we constantly questioned everything and could never be sure what is actually right.

However, we are currently experiencing upheavals where a change of perspective is worthwhile. Everything was different before Corona. Before the triumph of digital media, everything was different. Everything was different before the Ukraine war and the democratic crisis. Before the all too obvious consequences of climate change, everything was different. Everything was different before the chronic shortage of skilled workers in times of full employment.

We are currently experiencing live the end of an epoch and the beginning of a new one.

We have a flood of unanswered questions about social, ecological and economic problems. We don't know where to start and what has priority.

We get caught up in details, do not see the big picture and waste our energy.

We overlook the fact that all of these crises are connected and can therefore only be solved together. All people have the same basic needs. All humans live on the same planet. We all depend on each other. We should all get together, pull together and thoroughly check the prospects beforehand.

If we take nature's perspective, we can learn how to do better.

​Until then there is still a lot to do.

What nature teaches us

There is no waste in nature. Everything is used, everything has some function, some meaning that serves life. Leaves fall from the trees, feed small crawlies, are turned into soil, which nourishes the tree.

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