About failure

One reason real sustainability isn't making much headway has to do with people's fear of failure. It seems easier to vary something only superficially than to really change something at the core. It even goes well for a while. Now, step by step, EU legislation is specifying that companies should take paths that they were previously unfamiliar with. In the medium term, the currently highly profitable business models will be banned. This means that the greatest risk lies in not changing anything. Companies that do not now consider a sustainability strategy will first be left behind and then become illegal. So they no longer exist. This is causing many concerns at the moment. It would make sense to focus less on fears and more on opportunities: A world worth living in for everyone.

We Moschs have failed several times, got up again, failed again, reflected, learned and now created the world's first circular bicycle concept. We were laughed at by one or the other, ignored, criminalized, not taken seriously. We've tried stores that should work with no pre-orders, high repair rates, and higher salaries. We lived the brand-open workshop. We have tested cooperation with Internet providers. We've tried countless variations of upcycled bikes. Some things worked, others flew around our ears. People who have never dared anything in their lives said: I knew it wouldn't work. You have to endure that if you want to change something. Our culture is merciless: if you fail, you have a flaw. You learn at school that mistakes are something negative. The opposite is the case: humans can only learn by making mistakes. Then he even learns very quickly. For more sustainable products, we therefore need a positive error culture in companies and in society. Space for creativity, open-ended work and budgets into the unknown could do so much. Instead, the familiar is retained. What we are supposed to create worldwide is called transformation. So the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. And we settle for the caterpillar because we're afraid of change.

Dare. Make suggestions. Make demands. Start. Implement. Fall. Learns. Get up again. And we can move anything we want.