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"I developed all of our products myself and am happy to take the time for questions and advice."

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in preparation

Bicycles have always been our passion. At the age of 13 we converted an old racing bike into a gravel bike, long before the term "gravel bike" even existed. After school, he immediately went into business for himself as a partner in a bike shop. Over time, the experience in various workshops and shops grew, a manufacturer, bicycle tourism and product management were added. At trade fairs in the USA and Taiwan, we expanded our international perspective.

Preserving bicycles has always lured us more than selling new ones. For this reason we started an UpCycling project in 2019 and gained almost four years of experience with the reuse and upgrading of used bicycles. With a bike built from scrap we got on SWR television (our part starts at 2:47min.):

Privately, we are a large family of 9, which is more important to us than any bicycle.


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